Release date

Google Play / ANDROID


Collect kitties as you unlock unique and colorful sanctuaries so your little friends can grow and play around. Send them on missions, level them up, play minigames and discover the story that each kitty has.


An original IP by Ulpomedia, brought to mobile devices with the help of Mouse Trap Games, that focuses on collecting virtual cats. Over time we have updated the game to add multiple features such as minigames, cosmetics items for the cats, different Gacha systems, galleries and missions!


  • Over 30 different cats with unique designs to collect
  • Each cat has its own unique piece of artwork
  • Multiple hats to collect for your cats
  • 6 different Sanctuaries to discover
  • Minigames
  • Gachas
  • Unique adorable backstories for each cat


Walter "WaruGameDev" Veneros

Director/Game Designer

Alexander "Gagzk9" Hass


Hector "Eto2D" Alvarez

Concept Artist